The Power of the Review of Demon’s Cycle

For well over twenty years Demon’s Cycle has pushed the envelope of what a wholesale custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts distributor can do. Surviving a down economy, a move from the North East, thousands of reviews and much more, the company is going strong today. The reason? Online sales, something this company started doing before anyone else. That’s right, Demon’s Cycle was the very first company to sell custom Harley Davidson motorcycle parts on Ebay.com and they continue to do so today. You may not see that in too many reviews of the company and here are some other interesting facts you may not have known about them:

  • They don’t want sales people: Yes that’s right; a company that handles sales doesn’t want salesmen or saleswomen working for them. They see themselves as a Harley-Davidson parts distributor and they want employees who love Harley-Davidsons. When you call the company you don’t talk to a salesperson, you talk directly with someone who has a Harley-Davidson themselves and works on it as well. Why is this important? If you have a question about a part would you rather talk to a salesperson who is just trying to make the sale or someone who knows that they are talking about and is going to steer you in the right direction?
  • They don’t like online ordering: Yup, we aren’t kidding, the company that was the very first to sell custom Harley Davidson motorcycle parts on EBay isn’t that big of a fan of online sales. Obviously they aren’t going to turn their back to an online customer but they actually prefer when you place an order over the phone so that one of their team members can discuss the part you are ordering. This drastically reduces confusion and leads to better customer satisfaction.
  • They review their own parts: Starting in April 2015, Demon’s Cycle will actually be reviewing their very own parts. Who does that? The reason they review each and every custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle part they offer (and by the way they have thousands) is because they want to try and reduce the number of mistakes made through online ordering. Every company posts basic information about a part they sell, they have to. But Demon’s Cycle is pushing that envelope by actually posting reviews. Each review will include information about the basic part, specific information, an installation rating and more.
  • They actually use social media: How often do you go online to search for a company and when you find them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or anywhere else they either aren’t set up for that or worse, they have a profile but they haven’t posted in months or longer? Not this company, they actually post each day and they talk about the stuff you want to hear about! The post about how their customers are enjoying their new motorcycle parts, they give updates on discounts being offered and they also will be informing you about new reviews being posted, when they are made available.
  • They aren’t shy: Most companies will see your review or comment and just ignore it. But if you actually want to have a say in the new parts reviews you can! All you have to do is email the company directly with your review about a specific motorcycle part you bought from them and they will use the information you gave them when they are writing their very own reviews.

Obviously when you start talking about reviews for a company there are going to be some negative ones as well. No company is immune from this but Demon’s Cycle isn’t exactly shy. Owner Tom Steinbacher talks about the new review strategy and why he is doing it; “When you have been in business for over twenty years obviously some people aren’t going to be happy with you. Ironically some of the people who say negative things were never actually customers. We aren’t worried about them; we focus on giving our customers the best products at the best price. We are using the new review platform because we want to interact and inform our customers more than any other company in the world. I don’t mean any custom Harley Davidson parts distributor, I mean any company there is. If you bought a fender from us online and there was a problem we want to know about it. Email or call us, even if it was a mistake you made in ordering it, we want to know because that’s how we learn. You would be amazed how often a customer calls us and apologizes because they ordered the wrong part and they need it fixed. That’s not their fault, yes they ordered the wrong part but when that happens we look at ourselves and say what can we do keep this from happening again? We want to make fewer mistakes but also help the customer no matter where they order from. The better we do our job, the fewer mistakes are made on both sides and that’s how everyone is happy. If something wasn’t right then call us or email us. This is how we learn, even if it wasn’t something we did, we want to make the shopping experience better for you and for every person who looks at our site. If you go online and check out reviews of a billion dollar cell phone company or a billion dollar car company you see tons of complaints about lack of information and poor customer service. That’s why we care about listening to our customers, we aren’t a billion dollar company, so we have to do a better job!”

This is a new way of thinking in business today, reviews on your own company and products to make available to the customer rather than the other way around. Imagine a phone company saying this new phone is great but it’s very similar to the one last year so if you already have last year’s model it’s fine. Do we ever hear that? No, we constantly are told that this year’s model is the greatest of all time! Demon’s Cycle offers hundreds of custom Harley Davidson motorcycle parts and they have been in business for over twenty years. The review strategy is a new way for them to reach out to customers in the hope of eliminating confusing, educating their customers as well as themselves and interacting with people like never before. It is really quite refreshing to see a company take such an interest in what the consumer has to say for once and hopefully this will catch on!

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Article by: James